CPSC prides itself as a boutique club that truly believes in quality over quantity. Each age group focuses on development and growth. We do not mass produce players and teams. We nuture character, build families and develop young professionals.

2019-2020 Season Teams:


U9 CPSC (Birth Year 2011) 

U10 CPSC (Birth Year 2010) 


U10 CPSC (Birth Year 2010) 

U11 CPSC (Birth Year 2009) 

U12 CPSC (Birth Year 2008) 

U13 CPSC (Birth Year 2007)  

U14 CPSC (Birth Year 2006) 

U15 CPSC (Birth Year 2005) 

U16 CPSC (Birth Year 2004) 

U17 CPSC (Birth Year 2003) 

U19 CPSC (Birth Year 2002/01) 

“CPSC has given us top-notch coaching at all ages, high-level competition and lasting friendships across families. It is home for all of us.”

Dan Kaufman - Parent of a CPSC Player Drew Kaufman

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